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Word Challenger 9.0

A trivia/word puzzle to test your knowledge on different subjects
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Word Challenger is a TV show like trivia/puzzle game where you can test your knowledge on different subjects.
The objective is simple, to guess letter by letter a word presented on the screen, this word is always inside a category like for instance: sports, geography, history, cinema, US Presidents, among others. It presents three game modes: leisure (an easier mode without time), timed (play against the clock ), and action (finish before the computer).

While the basic idea is fun and might be a good choice when you want to enjoy a game with a group of friends or learn something new with your family, Word Challnger is not well developed. Its interface has nothing special, its graphics are too simple, and I could definitely live without the annoying sound effects played everytime a letter is guessed, also, the second time I played this game, words were already repeated in the same order as the first time.

If you are still interested, a free 60 minutes trial is available for download at the developer's site.

System requirements:
500 Mhz Pentium or better
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Direct X 8.1 or higher

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Fun game


  • Poor graphics and annoying sound effects
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